World Autism Day Puzzle PieceOn behalf of the Autism Society of PEI, it gives me great pleasure to announce that our community partners, D.P Murphy Inc are once again committed to joining us this year for our Annual World Autism Day Puzzle Piece campaign.

World Autism Day is April 2nd, 2017.


 World Autism Awareness Day, is a day designated by the United Nations to increase awareness about the impacts of Autism, a complex developmental disorder affected by genetic and environmental factors and characterized by problems in communication, social development and behaviour. The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said, “We need political will and engagement at the highest levels of leadership… in order to improve global support for people living with autism. As you know the impact of Autism Spectrum Disorders transcend borders, faiths, and cultures. Together, as organized members of the global effort to raise Autism awareness, we hope we can all join forces to support the more than 70 million people affected around the world.”

Here on PEI, Islanders across the province tip to tip are touched on some level by Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Autism Society of PEI continues to play an incremental part in the navigation of supports and services for families across PEI as well as continues to build autism understanding, acceptance and education across the Island.

We hope that you will join us for this great Annual campaign that is meant to shine on light on Autism Spectrum Disorders here on PEI as well as is a major fundraiser for the Autism Society of PEI.

On Thursday, March 30th, Friday, March 31st and Saturday, April 1st, be sure to visit any Tim Horton’s or Wendy’s location across PEI and ask the staff to purchase with cash a  $1.00  puzzle piece in support of this campaign. We hope that the staff at each location will remember to ask you during your visit but if not be sure to take the time out of your day to ask for your puzzle piece and let them know that the Autism Society of PEI and Island families appreciate their support and efforts. All of us together can help make this campaign a wonderful fundraiser and also spread recognition on the importance of World Autism Day.